Help a Blood Bowl Brother out…

Most of you are familiar with Blood Bowl tournaments(I would hope all of you, but I don’t want to assume). If you know about tournaments, you probably know about the Majors: Chaos Cup, Dungeonbowl, the Blood Bowl(NAF Championship) and the Spike! Magazine tournament.

These are THE Blood Bowel events of the year. They’re like the Grand Slam or the Triple Crown or other sports analogies that fit here. These are more than just another tournament, these are events that go back into the actual fluff of the game.
OK, why am I bringing this up?
One of them needs some help, and I think we should all chip in. Continue reading

Blatant attempt at winning a contest! Sorta…

So, first off… I’d like to say we have a new episode up, but apparently it’s taking a bit of time since it’s super long(3hrs!) and Scott’s been having technical issues. That’s the bad news.

The GOOD news is that it allows me to talk a little about something else. Blood Bowl Blogs, specifically Tristan’s great blog GWpertinent.  Continue reading

The Orclahoma Bowl! Results and Revolution?

Orclahoma Goodie Bags

Everyone who came got a bloody cool bag... get it? Bloody? HA!

Hey everyone, as you MAY have heard, we(Scott and I) hosted the Orclahoma Bowl last week. It was the first Blood Bowl tournament ever in Oklahoma and it was an amazing success!



We have all the results up at and encourage you to go check it out. But that’s not all this post’s about… check it out after the break. Continue reading