The Orclahoma Bowl! Results and Revolution?

Orclahoma Goodie Bags

Everyone who came got a bloody cool bag... get it? Bloody? HA!

Hey everyone, as you MAY have heard, we(Scott and I) hosted the Orclahoma Bowl last week. It was the first Blood Bowl tournament ever in Oklahoma and it was an amazing success!



We have all the results up at and encourage you to go check it out. But that’s not all this post’s about… check it out after the break.

Now, the tournament being done might not be worthy of a posting here(c’mon… of course it is… duh), but what I wanted to talk about was something special we did.
If you looked at the results on the site, you’ll see that each team name is a hyperlink. We(mainly Scott) listed each roster on the website to let you see what exactly everyone brought!

Why am I making such a big deal about this? Well, when we went to Chaos Cup last year, we had never gone to a tournament and was curious how people constructed their teams. We play by different rules in our home league(keep tuned to the podcast for further info on that), and we just wanted some examples of people’s rosters. However, no matter where we looked, we would only randomly come across a roster or two that someone said they might be taking to a tournament.

Our podcast(and mindsets) are mainly about the fluff and the fun of the game. To me, the rosters that people make are part of the fluff. In this sense, “fluff” is the behind the scenes stuff that makes the game just that much more interesting.
Sure, you can listen to the podcast or read a result and know who won and what race, but does that really tell you much? It’s a Dwarf team, but how many skills? Which ones? Was there a Deathroller? All this is just additional information that really helps flesh out the universe. Or at least that’s how we see it in our heads.

Hopefully you enjoy it. If you do, please suggest to other tournaments to follow suit. We’re going to bug Bugman’s about it and hope to see other tournament organizers start doing the same(posting rosters, not bugging Bugman’s… they wouldn’t like that…).

So, that’s it for now. Our next podcast will cover more about the tournament and how it went. We’ll also get all the pictures up on the website just ASAP. But if there’s anything specific you want to know, you know where to reach us.

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