Both Down #36 – Booty

Both Down Episode 36 – Booty – Are you ready? Well get ready because Steve and Scott are ready to verbally assault you, your mom, and her easy lover! We have an exclusive interview with 2 Time Orclahoma Bowl Champion, Chaos Cup Champion and Mr. “Never Re-roll a Push” Bryan Tew. Then we have a re-review of the Foul Play expansion, and finally we talk 2nd Edition Blood Bowl Secret Weapons! Fan favorites like Shout outs and Snobb Costas are also on the show, enjoy!

Episode Breakdown by time:

    • Interview with Bryan Tew – 16:40
    • Game Review: Blood Bowl Team Manage, Foul Play – 1:15:35
    • Behind the Fluff: 2nd Ed Secret Weapons – 1:31:40
    • Did You Know? with Snobb Costas – 1:25:25
    • Shout-Outs! – 1:54:50

Links to stuff mentioned in Episode 36:

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