Both Down #49 – Good Time

Both Down Episode 49 – Good Time – Month Ten of the Year of Prime is still happening, lucky you. This epsiode we talk baseball in the opening segement and rant some about Chaos teams. In our first segment we talk about Undead in 2nd Edition Blood Bowl. Then we talk about the all the “Undead” Star Players. Finally we talk about the upcoming tournament about Nuffle, Nuffleween! If you make it through all that we give you some shout-outs plus the sounds of Steve deep throating a plantain, okay some of that is false listen and find out what part. Enjoy!

Episode Breakdown by time:

    • 2nd Edition History of Undead – 17:55
    • Undead/Nuffleween Star Players – 38:25
    • Nuffleween – 1:00:07
    • Shout Outs! – 1:23:10

Links to stuff mentioned in Episode 49:

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