Both Down #117 – Best Friend (f/ Dark Elves)

Both Down Episode 117 – Best Friend (f/ Dark Elves) – Welcome new listeners to Both Down! We begin the episode talking about Blood Bowl fluff featuring the Dark Elves. Join Steve and Scott as we talk about our own Dark Elf teams and the fluff behind them. In the second segment we talk about the “Downies”, our Blood Bowl awards for last year. In the third segment we look at helpful hints for those new to the Blood Bowl gaming scene. Finally we have “Shout-Outs!” with a Chaos Cup announcement, and the winner to our latest Giveaway Contest. Now close that door, take off that mask and relax to the wonderful prepubescent sounds of Both Down!

Episode Breakdown by time:

  • Dark Elves – 21:10
  • The Downie Awards – 1:05:20
  • Beginners Guide – 1:06:20
  • Shout Outs! – 1:39:21

Links to stuff mentioned in Episode 117:

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