Both Down #165 – Glory

Both Down Episode 165 – Glory – Howdy folks sorry about the website difficulties! We are back with the episode that should have dropped on July 4th. We start with a tribute to our friend Jim Lane. We catch up with Steve as he returns from Amorical Cup in Canada. Then we give you even more Steve as he fill us in on all the tournaments he is playing or running in his region. Then we give you some Shout-Outs. Enjoy the show and take the picture!

We love you Jim “Magic Man” Lane!

  • Tribute to Jim Lane – 9:35
  • Amorical Cup – 46:36
  • BISON Series: North/South Dakota – 1:53:45
  • Shout Outs! – 2:16:00

Links to stuff mentioned in Episode 165

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