Both Down – Chaos Cup 2017

Both Down Chaos Cup 2017 Special – In this episode we cover the entire trip to Chaos Cup, from the moment we leave, where we eat, what we see, who we meet and even play some Blood Bowl in the middle of this 5 day journey. A longer than normal episode, but we know you can be a bit of a size queen at times so enjoy this extra long episode of Blood Bowl goodness. For the few that read that and think that sounds familiar I swiped the same episode description that I wrote the last couple of years and just updated the date and deleted a few words, good catch uber fan!

Episode Breakdown by time:

  • Trip Up – 3:50
  • Friday – 23:28
  • Saturday (Chaos Cup Day 1) – 49:10
  • Sunday (Chaos Cup Day 2) – 1:45:58

Links to stuff mentioned in Chaos Cup Special:

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