Help a Blood Bowl Brother out…

Most of you are familiar with Blood Bowl tournaments(I would hope all of you, but I don’t want to assume). If you know about tournaments, you probably know about the Majors: Chaos Cup, Dungeonbowl, the Blood Bowl(NAF Championship) and the Spike! Magazine tournament.

These are THE Blood Bowel events of the year. They’re like the Grand Slam or the Triple Crown or other sports analogies that fit here. These are more than just another tournament, these are events that go back into the actual fluff of the game.
OK, why am I bringing this up?
One of them needs some help, and I think we should all chip in.

The Spike! Magazine Tournament has always been a weird tournament to me. Mostly it’s because of the name. It’s in the fluff and in there it’s sponsored by Spike! Magazine. It always struck me odd to have that in the real world. But that was before I looked into it.
This is a great event that year after year puts on an amazing tournament. I’ve never heard a single bad thing said about it or the people who run or play at it. It’s something that makes the rest of our community look good.
Recently I’ve come to find out just how awesome they are!

See this?

Spike Trophy

This is the Spike! Magazine trophy. Like the Chaos Cup, it’s a giant recreation of the actual trophy from the fluff. Look at that thing! It’s beautiful!
The problem is, it’s gone.

In 2008, GWs Canadian office shut down and the crated stuff up and sent it to the US. That includes the trophy. Unfortunately, during the shipping or upon arrival, it got lost. Over the years hundreds of emails from multiple people attempted to locate it, however it never happened. They had to accept that it was gone.

Of course, being gone doesn’t mean it can’t come back.

What began in early 2011 was Craig(GeneralJason) and the guys in that area started the process of remaking the trophy. We’re not talking someone carving one from wood or foam and painting it. No… if they were going to do it, they were going to do it right! They decided to get it reforged!

Spike Reforge

These guys are truly dedicated to the game and for that we should help them out. The casting and forging is extremely expensive. They’ve gotten some donations from the NAF and others, but it’s time for the rest of us to step up and help.
I know we’re all selfish little buggers sometimes, but let’s bash that little goblin for a little while and make some donations to these guys. Check out their webpage here and if you don’t want to make a straight donation, buy something from their store here
Not only are their prices too cheap, they also ship them pretty dang fast!

Well, I hope this persuades at least a couple of you to help out.
If you want to read the full information, check the thread on the NAF Forums under the General tab.

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