Both Down #74 – Scared To Be Lonely

Both Down Episode 74 – Scared To Be Lonely – Ready for some Blood Bowl talk!! We have it all. We gab about the upcoming new products from GW and the recent NAF vote. Then we talk about the Slann and Kislev teams in a Behind the Fluff segment. We also go over everyone’s favorite Halloween theme Blood Bowl tournament set in the Old World, Nuffleween 6. Plus we have “Shout Outs!” and all sorts of other craziness that we never shut up about. Thanks for listening… now enjoy the show.

Episode Breakdown by time:

  • Blood Bowl News/Notes Upcoming Products – 13:56
  • Behind the Fluff: Slann/Kislev – 46:05
  • Nuffleween – 1:13:49
  • Shout Outs! – 1:35:49

Links to stuff mentioned in Episode 74:


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