Both Down #48 – Eenie Meenie

Both Down Episode 48 – Eenie Meenie – Month Ten of the Year of Prime is now. This episode we listen to Steve review Blood Bowl 2. Then Scott takes you back on a journey to 2nd Edition Blood Bowl and a look at the Reikland Reavers history. In the final segment the ginger boys build Jim Johnson as a Star Player. Yes they will do some Shout Outs as well, all this fun and excited plus a can of whip cream! (Sorry there is no whipped cream… well none we will talk about on the show.)

Episode Breakdown by time:

    • Blood Bowl 2 Review – 5:52
    • Reikland Reaver 2nd Edition Spotlight – 28:10
    • Star Player Jim Johnson – 46:00
    • Shout Outs! – 59:10

Links to stuff mentioned in Episode 48:

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