Both Down #28 – Lucky

Both Down Episode 28 – Lucky – This episode has it all! League talk, we got that! Contest winners, we got that! Old school fluff and gaming reviews, we got that! Black History Month in Blood Bowl, we got that! Golobulus talk, we got that! Snobb Costas and Dog Bowl talk, we got that. You don’t deserve all this but we will give it to you anyway. Now grab you a beverage, dim the lights and relax that belt, it’s time for Both Down episode 28!

Episode Breakdown by time:

    • Critter Bowl Create a Ball Contest – 16:50
    • Special Fluffy Surprise! – 1:03:50
    • Black History Month in Blood Bowl – 1:47:50
    • Did You Know? with Snobb Costas – 1:48:40
    • Shout Outs – 1:51:55

Links to stuff mentioned in Episode 28:

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