Both Down #112 – BLITZ BOWL Season 2 Review!

Both Down Episode 112 – BLITZ BOWL Season 2 Review – Wait… More New Rules? What the hell! Yes a change is coming and it is so big that Scott Prime was willing to change the Podcast naming format the second time*. Plus 112 is the a number only Blitz Bowl Season 2 could love. Well played Blitz Bowl 2 you son of a bitch, well played.
In this episode we look at the newest version of the game Blitz Bowl coming this September, exclusively from Barnes & Noble Bookstores. We cover… What is in the box? What has changed? Plus, is this a must have game? We also answer questions about Blitz Bowl Season 2 from the Both Down fans (Yes really, we have a few). Then we go on tangents in Shout Outs! Now stop reading this and press the button already. Enjoy and as always thanks for listening!

*(Seriously next episode will go back to the naming format Scott Prime enjoys.)

Episode Breakdown by time:

  • Blitz Bowl 2 Unboxing/Changes – 11:00
  • Questions? – 42:10
  • Shout Outs!! – 1:07:18

Links to stuff mentioned in Episode 112:

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