Both Down #151 – Vampires

Both Down Episode 151 – Vampires – It has been a year since a new team release and man are we ready. We break down all the new awesome Vampire goodies releasing soon. In part 1 we look over the Spike Magazine page by page. In part 2 we review all the models from Games Workshop as well as the Forge World releases. In part 3 we cover all the extra items like Cards, Dice, and the new Vampire Pitch. Well as you can tell already this episode is likely to really suck, but maybe just maybe you will be En-Thralled by our reviews. Okay enough dad jokes… enjoy the show!

Both Down #114 – Blood Bowl Season 2 Box Review BB 2020

Both Down Episode 114 – Blood Bowl Season 2 Box Review BB 2020 – Finally we are here to talk Blood Bowl Season 2, Blood Bowl Second Season Edition, Blood Bowl 2020, BB 2020, or whatever you are calling it. We finally have permission from Games Workshop to talk about this exciting product and we are super happy to be bringing this to you on the day of Pre-Order’s! Download this now and listen! BOTH DOWN APPROVED!!

Episode Breakdown by time:

  • Blood Bowl Season 2 Product Review – 6:16
  • Shout Outs! – 1:01:20

Links to stuff mentioned in Episode 114:

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