Both Down #57 – Rainbow Connection

Both Down Episode 57 – Rainbow Connection – The Gingers are back with an episode full from beginning to end of Blood Bowl. That’s right all Blood Bowl all the time on this podcast! Whatever Nation you were once a part of we except you my child with open arms here, welcome back home. In segment one we talk about our after-thoughts of the Pirate teams we created after playing a game of Pirate Bowl. Then in the second segment we have Double Skulls very own Johnny Bull on to talk Blood Bowl fluff and J-Bone Industries Frogman Team. Finally in the third segment we talk about Scott’s team fluff for Podbowl on FUMBBL. Finally we say goodbye to some old friends in Shout Outs. Wow that is a lot of Blood Bowl talk, we are approaching high levels of being mantic!

Episode Breakdown by time:

    • Pirate Bowl Team Recap – 8:16
    • Interview with Johnny Bull – 32:27
    • Pod Bowl Part 2 – 1:14:33
    • Shout Outs! – 1:32:23

Links to stuff mentioned in Episode 57:

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