Merry Christmas from Scott Prime

Not Blood Bowl related but very close, Great-Father Winter is watching you, so you better Foul for goodness sake!

So here I type to you, our listeners early Christmas morning. My finger tips still sore from putting together a Lego Winter Village early Friday morning in preparation for when “Santa Claus” comes tonight. Am I the only one that is amazed at how the people at Lego put so many cool things together with the smallest of pieces? Am I the only one that gets ticked off that the box says 687 pieces yet when I am done there is 20+ tiny pieces left over? Makes me wonder are they giving me these pieces because my kids could lose something or are they trying to make the set seem bigger than it really is. Oh well, its Christmas and the oldest child will be happy.

Not only did I get to create a Christmas Village but I was lucky enough to build a Little People’s Zoo. This was a much easier task than the Lego’s and I have no injuries or sore hands to report. But it did come with a Gorilla instead of the Baby Monkey that was shown on the box. Again, oh well it’s Christmas. I cannot wait for the morning when the children get up and enjoy Christmas.

So why am I rambling on about all this, and what does it have to do with Blood Bowl? Because its Christmas and it has nothing to do with my favorite game, Christmas is just on my mind. Even at the age of 37 I still cannot sleep on Christmas night. Gone are the sleepless nights of wondering what Santa is bringing for me and instead I get to imagine the magic of Christmas morning through the eyes of my children.

My kids have brought the joy of the actual day of Christmas back. See before my children were born I started to just enjoy the build up to Christmas day often more than the actual day itself. The radio played Christmas tunes (which I could listen all year around), people for the most part started to act more kind and think about someone other than themselves. Seems like most people usually stressed the thoughts of “giving” is more special than “receiving”, which is a nice change of pace. All these things make the time from Thanksgiving to Christmas Day the best time of the year. Now that I have little ones in my life the magic of big day itself has returned. I am a blessed man.

Before I go watch Christmas Story for the 3rd time tonight, and hopefully drift to sleep about the time Ralphie takes out Scott Fargus. I just want to pass on the cliche but ever appropriate “Merry Christmas” from myself, my family and the Both Down family to you and your family this year. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Day!

Now go enjoy this special day with your friends and family, enjoy Christmas Day! Because come December 26th the Christmas music goes away for almost a year and people become turds again.

-Scott Prime

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