Both Down #87 – Winter Wonderland

Both Down Episode 87 – Winter Wonderland – Merry Christmas and for the non festive Happy December one and all. Loads of stuff under our Blood Bowl Christmas tree. First we to the new Chaos Cup TO Jeff Gallenback aka Jeffro. Then we review all the Blood Bowl goodness that came out this month. Last but not least we dig deep into the Vault of Fluff and talk about the never was Blood Bowl comic circa 1987. We also include Shout-Outs and of course Steve is recording nude and acting creepy as always. Okay now go grab some eggnog and enjoy this Christmas Miracle podcast!

Episode Breakdown by time:

  • Chaos Cup Interview with TO Jeffro – 31:30
  • New Product Overview – 1:16:13
  • From the Fluff Vault – 2:12:47
  • Shout Outs! – 2:37:40

Links to stuff mentioned in Episode 87:


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