Both Down #37 – Promiscuous

Both Down Episode 37 – Promiscuous – It’s almost Turkey Day! Well Blood Bowl’s biggest Turkeys (Steve and Scott) are here for your listening pleasure. This episode might seem a little strange as the ginger boys record this episode while watching a “Home League” game. During this game (and recording) the guys cover “What would you do?”, Nuffleween III, Blood Bowl Turkeys, Snob Costas and Shout Outs! All of this to fill your belly. What? You still want Pumpkin pie? Well then keep on listening! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Episode Breakdown by time:

    • What would you do? – 11:33
    • Nuffleween III Recap – 30:34
    • Blood Bowl Turkeys – 1:11:18
    • Did You Know? with Snobb Costas – 1:30:05
    • Shout-Outs! – 1:32:33

Links to stuff mentioned in Episode 37:

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