Both Down #3 – I Just Can’t Stop Loving You

In this episode, Steve and Scott go over how to make a team. Then they go over the Orclahoma Bowl and talk about tournaments in general.

There’s also 3 contests mentioned in the podcast! 3! Surely you want to enter at least 1 of them! So give it a listen and rock out with your Block out…

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The Orclahoma Bowl! Results and Revolution?

Orclahoma Goodie Bags

Everyone who came got a bloody cool bag... get it? Bloody? HA!

Hey everyone, as you MAY have heard, we(Scott and I) hosted the Orclahoma Bowl last week. It was the first Blood Bowl tournament ever in Oklahoma and it was an amazing success!



We have all the results up at and encourage you to go check it out. But that’s not all this post’s about… check it out after the break. Continue reading