Both Down #26 – Mary Did You Know

Both Down Episode 26 – Mary Did You Know – The gingers have both survived their time in the Ginger Dome and have poked their heads out for another fluff filled podcast! Curl up to the tree, grope the yule log and let the red-headed step-children of the Blood Bowl universe entertain you! Who knows, maybe the Krampus will pass you by because he hates the sound of our voices..

Episode Breakdown by time:

    • Kickers: Then and Now – 10:08
    • Star Player Creation: X-mas Edition – 25:23
    • Baron Von Darkheart Signing Ceremony – 35:40
    • Did You Know? with Snobb Costas – 50:10
    • Shout Outs – 52:25

Links to stuff mentioned in Episode 26:

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