Both Down #12 – Time After Time

Both Down Episode 12 – ‘Time After Time’ – In this episode we begin the Three Die Block regime! Chance and Drew start off going Beyond the Fluff as we run several local teams through the Fluffinator and show how easy it is to enhance the fun flavor of any league! Then its time to climb into the Star Player Time Machine and bring a couple of Star Players from the past into the LRB6.0 present! We then kick off the beginning of new seasons in BOTH leagues with our local league coverage and it all ends with Cheering Fans where we talk cross country marathons, shout outs, call outs, things we left out, and way too much other nonsense! You like us, you love us, now have some more of us!

Episode Breakdown by time:

  • Behind the Fluff – 3:15
  • Star Player Time Machine – Hoshi Komi and Bilerot VomitFlesh – 24:24
  • Hawkeye and Critical League Standings – 33:48
  • Cheering Fans and Shout Outs – 48:00

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