Both Down #119 – What Kind of Fool (f/ Undead)

Both Down Episode 119 – What Kind of Fool (f/ Undead) – Howdy!!! On this episode we catch up on life and Blood Bowl. We talk about some great new products just released by Games Workshop. We go over the Spike Magazine #12 page by page and give our opinions on the good and the bad. Then we cover some Blood Bowl fluff featuring the Shambling Undead, about our own teams, and the fluff behind them. We also have “Shout-Outs!”. All that great Both Down goodness for your ears AND some 4G (Cuatro G?) as the Gingers give their review on the board game Marvel United.

Episode Breakdown by time:

  • New Stuff – 20:49
  • Spike Magazine #12 – 49:55
  • Shambling Undead – 1:10:08
  • Shout Outs! – 1:33:37
  • 4G! – 1:55:51

Links to stuff mentioned in Episode 119:

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