Both Down #100 – The Sound Of Silence

Both Down Episode 100 – The Sound of Silence – Here it is a few weeks late but worth the wait. This episode is too big to waste your time reading this just go download now. Dammit, Phil wants something here… okay for you Phil. In order, Talk with Marc Gascoigne co-father of Blood Bowl, the 2019 Downie Awards, then an Interview with James Heweitt of Needy Cat games, finally Shout-Outs! Now go download the episode and listen Phil. Seriously, “THANK YOU” all for coming along with us on this journey. We finally made it to the episode100. Yes Phil we know there is like 123 actual episodes, but this is the official 100th episode, now go away.

Episode Breakdown by time:

  • Interview with Marc Gascoigne – 15:15
  • 2019 Downie Awards – 1:13:40
  • Interview with James Hewitt – 2:16:17
  • Shout Outs! – 3:16:43

Links to stuff mentioned in Episode 100:

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