Both Down #20 – Through the Storm

Both Down Episode 20 – Through the Storm – This episode takes a bid of a turn as we talk about some real life experiences with the deadly storms that rocked our home town of Moore, Oklahoma. Thank you to all the fans from across the world that were concerned about us during and after those scary moments. The first segment is non-Blood Bowl related but a re-telling of our adventures during those frightful days. During the second segment we talk about some much needed tournament etiquette in Tournament Talk. Our third segment continues the topic of Tournament Talk as we recap our exploits at ROT Cup. The episodes is a little late, but it’s extra long and definitely worth the price.

Episode Breakdown by time:

    • Tornado Talk – 14:20
    • Something Awesome! – ROT Cup Tournament  – 1:09:00
    • Tournament Talk A – Tournament Etiquette – 1:09:15
    • Did You Know? with Snobb Costas – 1:26:49
    • Tournament Talk B – ROT Cup Tournament  – 1:29:10
    • Special Surprise Segment – 2:09:55
    • Shout Outs – 2:20:50

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