Both Down #137 – Nowadays

Both Down Episode 137 – Nowadays – The Gingers are fresh off their trip to Matador Melee and tell you all about it in the first segment of the show. In the second segment of the podcast we talk about with Jim Luft and the upcoming US Open. For the final act of the show we talk Chaos Cup in Chicago! Now that is an action packed show for your road trip to Chaos Cup (or work) and don’t fret we have Shout-Outs too. Enjoy the show and come say “Hello” if you see us in Chicago!

Episode Breakdown by time:

    • Matador Melee III – 4:38
    • U.S. Open with Jim Luft – 58:53
    • Chaos Cup – 1:46:25
    • Shout Outs! – 2:11:17

Links to stuff mentioned in Episode 137:

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