Both Down #125 – Glad You Exist (f/ Khorne)

Both Down Episode 125 – Glad You Exist (f/ Khorne) – Hey Hey Hey!!! We are back in less than 10 days since the last episode. Today we talk about the new product everyone has been talking about since Gen Con, KHORNE. We gab about our thoughts on the information that we know about. (Yes, they released more info today about the Blood Spawn, those sneaky GW guys.) We also talk about our Team fluff when taking Khorne teams to tournaments or playing in leagues. We have Shout-Outs and an announcement about a Both Down run Tournament. Enjoy the show.

Ohhh wait… we also review an Ork Kill Rig model from GW! Now…. Enjoy the show!

Episode Breakdown by time:

    • New Product, Khorne – 8:00
    • Khorney Fluff and Teams – 32:25
    • Shout Outs! – 52:32

Links to stuff mentioned in Episode 125:

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