Both Down #111 – NEW RULES! The End Times?

Both Down Episode 111 – NEW RULES! The End Times? – Wait… New Rules? What the hell! Yes a change is coming and it is so big that Scott Prime was willing to change the Podcast naming format this one time. Plus 111 is the a number only Nuffle could love, and give us new rules at the same time. Well played Nuffle you son of a bitch, well played.
If you weren’t ready for all the greatness that has already been the year of 2020, well prepare for more.The BUGGEST change to Blood Bowl in 26 years has dropped and we are here to cover it as best we can. We simply talk about all the new confirmed rules, and wild assumptions to things we can only speculate on for now. Grab some tissue’s, start a fire with your old Star Player Team card packs and prepare yourself for the end of an era. Don’t cry too hard we know you will get the new stuff when it is released… so will we. Come sit with us and let’s talk. Enjoy!

Episode Breakdown by time:

  • NEW RULES!! – 11:30

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