3DB Episode #79- (Both Down #11 – Don’t Know Much)

Three Die Block Episode 79- (Both Down #11- Don’t Know Much) – (1:40:32) In their first segment, Steve (Kilowoggy) and Scott (Prime) breakdown the newest roster addition to the world of Blood Bowl the Daemons of Khorne. Afterwards, they answer a few listener questions, then take a look at the 2514 Al-Kohrn Cup for the Dragonfyre Blood Bowl League, plus some Cheering Fans and all other crazy nonsense like only the true boys from the south can deliver.

Music: “Boom (The Crystal Method remix)” by P.O.D.

This production was made possible in part by Impact! Miniatures and Wizards Asylum.
Episode Breakdown by time:

  • Roster Breakdown – Daemons of Khorne – 3:13
  • Q & A with listeners – 39:57
  • Local League – 2514 Al-Kohrn Cup Results – 1:11:45
  • Cheering Fans – 1:32:12

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