Both Down #1 – Under Pressure

The first episode of Both Down is finally here! Listen to Steve(@kilowog2814) and Scott(@fatfinley) discuss who and what they and Both Down(@BothDown) are all about!
Don’t come to the podcast expecting tactics or power gaming, but there’s plenty of fun and fluff. Be sure to check it out for some surprise guests and special shout outs.

Definitely let us know what you think at either twitter (@BothDown) or by email at

Both Down: The #1 Blood Bowl podcast … that’s just starting out!

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6 thoughts on “Both Down #1 – Under Pressure

  1. Loved the podcast. It brought back so many awesome BB memories for me. Looking forward to the Orclahoma Bowl!

  2. And for the record, sex with animals will not give you cancer. They just say that to scare you away from doing it. Kind of like that old fried egg “this is your brain on drugs” commercial.

  3. Awesome Show…except for the Ginger parts. Those SUCKED! JK This is a good show if you are new to the game or have an interest in it. Good Job!

  4. Really cool podcast…you have my support.Huuummm…you got to do some Bothdown Supporter banner…that would be cool,and i could use one on the blog 😛


    Paulo…errr…i mean…AbraxiS…AlmightyabraxiS

  5. Heard about you from 3dB. This is a good first start. Are you going to be on iTunes?
    I would love to try out the pyramid game you talked about. Please post the rules!

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