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Both Down Nuffleween II: The Revenge Special – In this episode we cover the Nuffleween II Tournament. We set up the podcasting equipment and tried to record before, during and after the event, so be prepared for nothing but Nuffleween talk! We have several guests on this podcast, which is even more reason you need to make the trip to Nuffleween next year. Now buckle up and enjoy the blessing of our ginger voices as we bring you the #1 Blood Bowl Podcast in that part of my brain that also thinks I am a sexy man!


Episode Breakdown by time:

  • Intro – 0:00
  • Between Rounds Part 1 w/Leland Gross – 4:25
  • Between Rounds Part 2 w/Sarge & Keith – 12:45
  • Nuffleween II Aftermath Part 1 w/Adam & Michael – 29:15
  • Nuffleween II Aftermath Part 2 w/Paul – 47:50
  • Nuffleween II Aftermath Part 3 w/Kent & Matt – 56:00

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