Both Down #45 – Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

Both Down Episode 45 – Don’t Go Breaking My Heart – Month Six of the Year of Prime is upon you. This episode covers the Gingers talking about some “Leveling Up” with old school style skills. In the second segment they give you the detailed food stop by food stop trip to Three Die Brawl in Iowa. Then in the final segments they talk take you on a fluffy Team Spotlight for Bryan Tew. Shout-Outs round out this wonderful show, now stop drooling and dreaming of red haired handsome men and go listen.

Episode Breakdown by time:

    • Leveling Up with Skills – 5:50
    • 3 Die Brawl: The Roadtrip – 19:45
    • Fluff Team Spotlight: Dwarf Giants – 1:25:05
    • Shout Outs! – 1:41:50

Links to stuff mentioned in Episode 45:

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