Both Down #29 – Feel This Moment

Both Down Episode 29 – Feel This Moment – Orclahoma Bowl! Spiky Cup! Orclahoma Bowl Weekend! This episode is 100% about the grandest event of the American Mid-South, Orclahoma Bowl weekend. You will get us talking about the event, you will get us talking about the event with the Main Guy and Other Guy, plus reflections of the event as a whole. You really don’t deserve all this but we are dropping this steaming pile of Orclahoma on your chest anyway.

Episode Breakdown by time:

    • Orclahoma Bowl Weekend – 14:25
    • Orclahoma Aftermath: Bothcast Zlurpdown – 56:45
    • Reflections of Orclahoma Bowl Weekend – 2:11:50
    • Shout Outs – 2:41:50

Links to stuff mentioned in Episode 29:

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