Both Down #17 – Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing

Both Down Episode 17 – Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing – We cover Orclahoma Bowl II, Spiky Cup, bacon crackers and “soda’s”. Plus… well plus nothing really this is all about the Orclahoma weekend. This episode features guests galore, which is even more reason to attend Blood Bowl tournaments put together by the Both Down fellas. Prepare your ears because here it comes!

Episode Breakdown by time:

  • Orclahoma Bowl Talk Part 1: Steve and Kent – 5:40
  • Orclahoma Bowl Talk Part 2: Matt and Brad – 34:53
  • Orclahoma Bowl Talk Part 3: Torin and Gavin – 1:03:20
  • Spiky Cup Talk: Scott and Alan – 1:27:20
  • Results and Shout Outs – 1:58:16

Links to stuff mentioned in Episode 17:

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