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The Orclahoma Bowl sponsored by Both Down-

Links about Blood Bowl

  • CRP Rules – Rule set that will be used at the Orclahoma Bowl, Plus the three new teams list
  • Talk Fantasy Football – Worldwide discussion about rules, miniatures, leagues, tactics, tournaments, and even some great BB stuff or sale
  • FUMBBL – Play Bloodbowl right on your PC or Mac against anyone in the world via their Java client.  Great way to test out team builds and tactics for your next table top game
  • BB Tactics – Da Coach knows it all, and he’s cracking open his playbook and giving you all the tips on how to take your team to the top
  • BB Playbooks – Plasmoid has collected wisdom on team building and tactics from coaches all around the world for your viewing pleasure

Other Podcasts about Blood Bowl (in Alphabetic order)

  • 3 Die Block – Breakdown of Tactics and the hosts own League Scores & Stats
  • Zlurpcast – The Gong Show of Blood Bowl. The Main Guy and Other Guy entertain you with Blood Bowl love along with Tournament info from around the world.
  • ZTZ – Zlurpcast Tactics Zone!

Other US Tournaments

  • Bugman’s Bowl– Tournament held in Texas! Join the Both Down crew and come out to this Event!
  • Chaos Cup – The US Blood Bowl Major held in Chicago every September
  • – Tournament held in Indianapolis every July.

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